Several co-workers and I got together at the start of the holidays to come up with a good way that we could spread some holiday cheer throughout the office. After doing some research online we decided to initiate the "You've Been Elfed!" game.

The idea behind this game was to buy a small gift and give it to a coworker without them knowing. You would also place this half sheet (8.5in x 5.5in) sign that I created with the gift to encourage the person that had been "Elfed" to "Elf" someone else. The game was a big success throughout the office and definitely succeeded in spreading holiday cheer.

The sign was 2-sided. The front features a picture of an elf that I drew in Adobe Illustrator and says "I've been Elfed!" If you had been "Elfed" you would display this side of the sign on your desk so that you could only be "Elfed" once. The other side of the sign was the side that would be placed face-up when "Elfing" someone and leaving a gift at their desk. This side featured instructions that the recently "Elfed" person would hopefully follow.

I drew the snowflakes using the rotate tool and the banner using the shape and perspective tool in Adobe Illustrator. I put together the design using Adobe InDesign.

I chose to use bright, eye catching holiday colors. I chose to use Sofia (the fun Holiday font) and Acumin because it is a good contrast to Sofia and it is easy to read.