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UW Bothell Freshman To Do List Graphic

This project is in progress. This particular graphic was created for UW Bothell Freshman students. I was very excited to get the opportunity to create this graphic because it is one of the first things that new students will see before they start attending school at UW's Bothell campus. I illustrated the icon set below before creating the in progress graphic which will be an interactive piece when complete.

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UW Bothell Campus Wide Laser Tag Mobile App

This mobile app is currently in progress and is being created by Alexa Agustiano and I. We felt that students at UW Bothell do not interact a lot outside of class so we thought it would be fun to create something that would help create a more involved campus community while also engaging in a fun game that helps reduce college stress.

The laser tag app is meant to be played on a mobile device and offers an AR component. The game is intended to be played on campus only and will use GPS. The app allows users to select whether they would like to be on the red team or the blue team. When players are nearby the user can tag them by tapping the 3D model that Reggie created on the screen. If the other player does not successfully block the tag then the user will have successfully tagged them. Once all players are eliminated from one team a winning team is declared and a new game can begin.

In the future we are planning on adding more features. For example, we hope to add a trophy/badges section that will allow users to customize their badge. This section will also display the badges of other players that they have tagged and any trophies they have won from previous games. There could also be a communication section that allows players to talk to each other, team up, trash talk, and more.

We have created the following:

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Drink Tickets – NWMLS EXPOsed

NWMLS recently had an educational conference that was held in Lynnwood, WA called NWMLS EXPOsed where members in attendance could take real estate classes for clock hour credit (class credit needed to renew their real estate license). The event also offered breakfast, lunch, a keynote speaker, a cocktail hour, and more.

Each attendee was given 2 drink tickets that they could trade in for 2 beverages of their choice.

The drink tickets were business cards size (3.5in x 2in), 2-sided, and featured an 1/8in bleed.

The fonts on the ticket were NWMLS fonts (bitter and avenir).

The photos of the martini glass were purchased on iStock by Getty Images. I placed a semi-transparent, white NWMLS Logo icon (3 trees) on the glass to create the look of a branded martini glass.

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Holiday Party Amazon Voucher

amazon voucher_page_1amazon voucher_page_2

This is an 8.5in x 4.5in voucher that I created for NWMLS 2018 Holiday Party. I found the photo on iStock.com and created the design in Adobe InDesign.

img_5278_jpg (1)

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Social Media Post – Spring Showing Tips

This is social media post that I created for the first day of spring (2018). We wanted to create something that NWMLS members (real estate agents) would want to connect with and share with their clients (homeowners preparing to put their houses on the market).

The design was created using NWMLS colors and fonts while still trying our best to be "spring-y." I illustrated each graphical element in the design.

We posted the image on Facebook and it was shared 62 times!


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UW Housing Application for Returning Residents

This is an 11in x 17in poster that I created for UW Bothell using UW Bothell colors, fonts, and branding elements.

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Advising Night Poster

This poster was designed using UW colors plus bright colors for the illustrations. I created the pizza, sign, moon, and game illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. The fonts used were UW fonts.

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Holiday Office Game

Several co-workers and I got together at the start of the holidays to come up with a good way that we could spread some holiday cheer throughout the office. After doing some research online we decided to initiate the "You've Been Elfed!" game.

The idea behind this game was to buy a small gift and give it to a coworker without them knowing. You would also place this half sheet (8.5in x 5.5in) sign that I created with the gift to encourage the person that had been "Elfed" to "Elf" someone else. The game was a big success throughout the office and definitely succeeded in spreading holiday cheer.

The sign was 2-sided. The front features a picture of an elf that I drew in Adobe Illustrator and says "I've been Elfed!" If you had been "Elfed" you would display this side of the sign on your desk so that you could only be "Elfed" once. The other side of the sign was the side that would be placed face-up when "Elfing" someone and leaving a gift at their desk. This side featured instructions that the recently "Elfed" person would hopefully follow.

I drew the snowflakes using the rotate tool and the banner using the shape and perspective tool in Adobe Illustrator. I put together the design using Adobe InDesign.

I chose to use bright, eye catching holiday colors. I chose to use Sofia (the fun Holiday font) and Acumin because it is a good contrast to Sofia and it is easy to read.

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NWMLS Training Tip Tuesday

The NWMLS Training Tip Tuesday video is a short video created bi-weekly that provides important training tips to help educate the NWMLS membership.

The goal of this project was to create an opening and closing for our Training Tip videos that would be NWMLS branded and the same for each video (to create consistency).

During this project I illustrated Roxanne (our Training Supervisor), the tablet, the classroom, furniture, etc using Adobe Illustrator. The posters on the back wall are JPGs of our rack cards (marketing materials) that I created. I also assisted with the animation story boarding.

The animation and body of the video was completed in GoAnimate by Roxanne (our Training Supervisor).

The videos are published on the NWMLS YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Below is a link to first video created with this opening and closing.

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Payment Options Illustrations

These designs were created in Adobe Illustrator to be used in the NWMLS Learning Management System.

The artboards illustrate:

  • pay by check
  • Pay by credit card
  • Pay over the phone (the person is supposed to be a likness of our Training Supervisor, Roxanne)
  • Pay online
  • Pay by Auto-pay

The illustrations were created using NWMLS colors and follow the flat design trend as requested by our Instructional Design & Training Specialist.

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Thanksgiving Social Media Post

This is a social media post that I created using a blend of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. We wanted to create a fun social post that would tie thanksgiving and real estate together. The end goal was to create something that NWMLS members (real estate agents) could engage with and share with their clients.

We chose to create a post about kitchen upgrades. The statistical data was collected from the National Association of REALTORS® (see citation at bottom of post).

The wood photo that adds texture at the top was purchased from iStock by Getty Images. I illustrated the turkey, banner, thanksgiving table with food, and pie charts in Adobe Illustrator.

I put together all of the pieces of the post in Adobe InDesign. The layout features NWMLS branded colors and NWMLS branded fonts (avenir).


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NWMLS Matrix 360 Giveaways – Buttons & Notepads

NWMLS will soon be releasing a new product, Matrix 360. We wanted to create a fun giveaway for members that attend the new product classes. We decided to create custom Matrix 360 notepads and custom buttons (off brand M&Ms) with a custom wrapper.

I created the Matrix 360 graphic using Adobe Illustrator. We supplied our printer with .EPS files of the graphic and our NWMLS 3 trees icon/logo to be printed on the candies/buttons themselves. We specified that we would like the NWMLS logo printed in white on the green button/candy and that we would like the Matrix 360 graphic printed in black on the white button/candy.

The wrapper itself was created in Adobe Illustrator. We submitted the .AI file for printing (with text converted to outlines, etc.). The wrapper was designed while following NWMLS brand standards (NWMLS colors, fonts, etc.). I chose to make the text bolder than I normally would for other NWMLS marketing materials because I wanted to ensure that the text would be readable (especially on the clear/transparent part of the wrapper).

The Matrix 360 notepad was 5in x 7in and was created in Adobe InDesign. The image used on the pad was purchased from iStock by Getty Images. I used NWMLS colors and NWMLS fonts.

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