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NWMLS Monthly Infographic

In this piece I illustrated all of the icons, graphics, and graphs within Adobe Illustrator and put together the main piece in Adobe InDesign. I update the design and statistical information every month. The infographic is published on the NW REporter, a real estate news and blog site powered by NWMLS.

The colors, icon style, and fonts used were all chosen to follow the NWMLS brand guidelines.

View the infographic (and previous versions) on the NW REporter here.

The infographic is also posted to the NWMLS Facebook and the NWMLS Twitter every month.

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PowerPoint Template for NWMLS Trainers

This is a Microsoft PowerPoint Template that I created during the NWMLS Matrix 360 product launch. The template was created for our NWMLS trainers who would each use the template to create their own slideshow based on their workshop/presentation.

I drew the icons and graphics in Adobe Illustrator and followed NWMLS brand colors and guidelines.

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Vinyl Yard Post Sign

NWMLS offers a member store at each location that provides high quality real estate business and marketing materials.

One of the products that they sell is a Vinyl Yard Sign Post. The post does not come with a sign so we created our own. The sign shows our membership what the post looks like with a sign and also gives them more information about the post itself.

This was created in Adobe InDesign and follows NWMLS brand standards.

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Golf Event Materials

NWMLS has 2 golf tournaments every year (a north tournament and a south tournament). I designed all of the materials below for the 2018 tournaments.


Each golfer received a swag bag with a tri-fold brochure containing day of information (rules, sponsor information, and more), 2 drink tickets (business card size), a box containing three NWMLS branded golf balls, and a raffle ticket.


Each hole sponsor had a custom hole sign printed on corrugated plastic and place at their golf hole.

cart sponsor

One sponsorship that we offer is a golf cart sponsor. The 2018 golf sponsor was Lone Wolf Technologies. I found the golf cart stock photo on and used Photoshop's Vanishing Point tool to impose the Lone Wolf logo on the front and side of the cart. The card is placed on the steering wheel of every golf cart before the golfers arrive.

golf ball sleeve

This is the design I created for the box (NWMLS Golf Ball Sleeve) that the NWMLS branded golf balls went in.

golf banner

This is the design I created for the North Golf Tournament Banner using Adobe InDesign. There was also a nearly identical banner created for the South Golf Tournament (see in the photo below).


Here is a photo of the check-in table set-up at the beginning of the tournament. Here you can see a photo of the table runner we had made (can be used for other events), the event banner, and the swag bags.



This is the design I created for the NWMLS North Golf Tournament Tri-Fold Brochure. It provides day of information such as the rules, dinner information, and prize information. It also includes a thank you letter to the event sponsors and has a logo for each sponsor (lead sponsors are at the top and separated from the rest with the green bars). A very similar tri-fold brochure was created for the NWMLS South Golf Tournament.

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Name Booklets – NWMLS EXPOsed

7d049776-3e52-427e-bd12-862a6cf34cea-originalNWMLS recently had an educational conference that was held in Lynnwood, WA called NWMLS EXPOsed where members in attendance could take real estate classes for clock hour credit (class credit needed to renew their real estate license). The event also offered breakfast, lunch, a keynote speaker, a cocktail hour, and more.

I created booklets that doubled as name tags for the members in attendance, the NWMLS staff that were in attendance, and the event sponsors that were in attendance. Each booklet was created in Adobe InDesign and featured:

  • Variable Data - Person's Name & Company Name
  • A welcome letter from the NWMLS CEO, Tom Hurdelbrink
  • A bio for our keynote speaker, Elliot Eisenberg
  • A list of available classes with times and locations
  • A map of the building with icons (created in Adobe Illustrator)
  • A page dedicated to our event sponsors
  • A notes page

Please select the following link to view the full member booklet in a new tab.

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NWMLS Golf Tournament Sponsor

For the annual Commercial Broker's Association golf tournament I updated our existing selfie frame to be generic so that we could use it for multiple events, I created custom water bottle labels and helped stick them to bottles, I drew icons for the "plinko" game, and assisted with the selection and ordering of the tent and tablecloth.

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Real Estate Forms – Fillable Fields

Northwest Multiple Listing Service (the company I work for) provides real estate products and services to our membership (real estate agents). We provide hundreds of real estate forms for our members in Washington state along with an electronic signature service, and more.

We create our NWMLS listing input (forms used to list a home) forms using Adobe InDesign. Recently, we went through a forms revision where I modified the InDesign files, programmed them (added fill-in fields that can be auto-populated) within Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, and secured them with a password.

When programming the forms using Adobe Acrobat Pro, I:

  • Created drop-downs
  • Created check boxes
  • Created date fields
  • Created multi-line comment boxes
  • Set the forms tabbing (when you tab through the fields they tab in the order that you would fill out the form)
  • Made all fields compatible with our auto-fill application and online signature service

Download the form below to try filling in the form yourself. Please note that depending on what browser you are using you may need to download the form to view it's functionality.

Please also note that this form has been provided for use in my portfolio only and cannot be used to list a home.

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Save The Date Postcard – Lauryn & Michael

Lauryn Wirtala_Save the Dates_Page_1Lauryn Wirtala_Save the Dates_Page_2

This 8.5in x 5.5in postcard was created in Adobe Illustrator. Lauryn provided color swatches and photos and asked for a chalkboard look. I created a brush in Adobe Illustrator to make the chalkboard effect.


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Selfie Frame & Directions – NWMLS EXPOsed

NWMLS recently had an educational conference that was held in Lynnwood, WA called NWMLS EXPOsed where members in attendance could take real estate classes for clock hour credit (class credit needed to renew their real estate license). The event also offered breakfast, lunch, a keynote speaker, a cocktail hour, and more.

We wanted to create something that attendees could interact with, take photos that they could post on social media with, and something that they could do to win a raffle basket.

We decided to create a selfie frame! The frame was designed to look like a social media post that would help attendees make the connection that they were supposed to post their photos with the frame on social media.

The frame was designed in a vector format (Adobe Illustrator) and was printed locally (in Bothell) on corrugated plastic.

We also created a foam board sign with a photo example of what attendees were supposed to do and instructions on winning the raffle basket.

The selfie frame was a big success and we will definitely will be creating more for our future conferences.


selfie frame instructions_foam board sign

social media photo opp_bleed & crop


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COVE Presentation – Animated & Illustrated

This is a presentation that my coworker and I created for TJ Bolan, a former Communications Specialist at NWMLS. The presentation was presented at the COVE (a Communications Conference that occurs yearly). During this presentation TJ discussed the release of ShowingTime, an online scheduling and showing management tool that NWMLS provides to their membership.

During this project I:

  • Illustrated all faces (NWMLS employees) & candy bars
  • Illustrated all icons & graphs
  • Animated project in Adobe InDesign
  • Manipulated stock vector art (sunny background & car)

To view this presentation Download the PDF, open the PDF using Acrobat, press ctrl + L to open the presentation in full screen mode, and use your arrow keys to navigate. 

Please note that the timing on the animation was based on the amount of time that TJ required to give his speech on each slide. 

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WoodRiver Hardwoods – Hand Coded Website

This is a website that I created in notepad ++ for a family friend.

To view the website locally, download the zipped/compressed folder from my Google Drive account, unzip the folder (if you do not unzip the folder the CSS may not work), open the folder, then open the  Index.html page in a browser.

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2019 NWMLS Golf Ball Sleeve

Each year NWMLS has two golf tournaments for it's members and subscribers. For 2019 we created a custom designed golf sleeve containing three branded NWMLS golf balls for a player giveaway. The sleeve was designed using NWMLS branded colors, typefaces (Bitter & Avenir), and a purchased photo from iStock. We wanted the sleeve to be very simple so we decided to include our logo, tagline, and have a title that says "2019 NWMLS Golf Tournaments." I created the sleeve using Adobe Illustrator and submitted the sleeve to Image Source for printing.   |   425.417.9705

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