NWMLS has 2 golf tournaments every year (a north tournament and a south tournament). I designed all of the materials below for the 2018 tournaments.


Each golfer received a swag bag with a tri-fold brochure containing day of information (rules, sponsor information, and more), 2 drink tickets (business card size), a box containing three NWMLS branded golf balls, and a raffle ticket.


Each hole sponsor had a custom hole sign printed on corrugated plastic and place at their golf hole.

cart sponsor

One sponsorship that we offer is a golf cart sponsor. The 2018 golf sponsor was Lone Wolf Technologies. I found the golf cart stock photo on iStock.com and used Photoshop's Vanishing Point tool to impose the Lone Wolf logo on the front and side of the cart. The card is placed on the steering wheel of every golf cart before the golfers arrive.

golf ball sleeve

This is the design I created for the box (NWMLS Golf Ball Sleeve) that the NWMLS branded golf balls went in.

golf banner

This is the design I created for the North Golf Tournament Banner using Adobe InDesign. There was also a nearly identical banner created for the South Golf Tournament (see in the photo below).


Here is a photo of the check-in table set-up at the beginning of the tournament. Here you can see a photo of the table runner we had made (can be used for other events), the event banner, and the swag bags.



This is the design I created for the NWMLS North Golf Tournament Tri-Fold Brochure. It provides day of information such as the rules, dinner information, and prize information. It also includes a thank you letter to the event sponsors and has a logo for each sponsor (lead sponsors are at the top and separated from the rest with the green bars). A very similar tri-fold brochure was created for the NWMLS South Golf Tournament.