This is a 33in x 80in retractable banner that I created for the NWMLS member store. 

NWMLS offers a member store at each location that provides high quality real estate business and marketing materials.

This banner was specifically created to take to conferences/tradeshows to showcase that we had a member store, what type of products our store sells, and promote our online store.

We chose to create a retractable banner because it is easy to store, is not heavy and is easy to transport, and it was large enough to be effective to viewers but not too large.

The sign was created in Adobe InDesign. The photo of the member store was taken by Buffalo design (an interior design firm that remodeled the NWMLS office). We did get written permission to use the photo. The other photos are stock photography from iStock by Getty Images.

The look and feel (colors, graphical elements, angular format, type choices, etc.) of the banner follows NWMLS brand standards.